Ensure data accuracy

Things you'll need to know to ensure you have accurate and consistent component data.

After scanning your codebase, you might experience the following symptoms:

  • Duplicate components

  • Some of the components are tagged as external but they shouldn't be

  • The usage counts of some components are inconsistent

These issues happen when:

  • Omlet is not able to resolve imports from external packages. Let's say your design system library is used in your application repositories as an external dependency; the CLI will need to map imports from the build to their sources correctly.

  • Omlet may not be resolving your import paths properly if you have aliases set up in a TSConfig file or bundlers like Webpack, Babel, or Vite.

Omlet tries to detect these automatically, but it might not work for your specific setup.

To resolve imports from external packages or map aliases, you can create .omletrc.json file in the root directory of your repository and define exports or aliases properties. Follow the below instructions depending on your use case:

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