Troubleshooting Git errors

Omlet uses the Git history to designate when a component is created and updated. If your project does not have the Git setup or no commits exist, you may encounter the following issues.

Could not find git root

This error indicates that Git is not initialized in the repository. If you encounter Could not find git root error, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

Ensure your project contains a .git file and confirm that it is sourced from a Git repository. If you manually downloaded the project as a .zip file, we'd recommend cloning the repository directly from your Git instance.

git clone

If you don't have Git set up, you can run the below command sequence to resolve the issue. This will initiate the Git for your project and add an initial commit.

git init 
git add . 
git commit

Could not find commit in git repo or Git Util error

These errors indicate that no commit is found or there is an issue with the Git utility. To resolve these issues, ensure there are commits in the Git repository.

If commits exist already, make sure that your project is not a shallow clone. You can run the below command to unshallow.

git pull --unshallow

Still need help?

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