Working with multiple workspaces

Learn how you can work with multiple workspaces.

Omlet automatically directs you to the workspace you created or the workspace you were invited to first.

If you are invited to multiple workspaces, you can enter a URL with a specific workspace name, such as:

Uploading scans to multiple workspaces

To upload a scan to a workspace you're invited to, rather than your default workspace, you will need to acquire the access token of this workspace from the owner account first. The account owner can print their access token using the below CLI command:

npx @omlet/cli login --print-token

Once you get the token, you can add it to an environment variable named OMLET_TOKEN. Omlet CLI will automatically use this environment variable and upload the scan to the specific workspace.

Working with a test instance

Omlet does not provide a test instance within the same workspace at the moment. We would recommend creating a separate workspace for testing purposes.

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