Share charts and dashboards with your team

Learn how to share your charts and dashboards with your team.

Sharing charts

To share a chart individually, click the "Share chart" button on the top right.

You can copy the chart's link from the revealed panel and share it with the workspace members.

This link will include all the options you applied to the chart to let your teammates access the analysis you created—no need to save it to your dashboard.

Sharing dashboards

You can also share the link to your Popular Charts and Saved Dashboard pages using the "Share dashboard" button on the top right.

Sharing charts/dashboards publicly

You can publicly share individual charts or your "Popular Charts" and "Saved Dashboard" pages.

To do this, change the view options to "Anyone with the link". This will update the link to a publicly accessible URL so your team members can view the chart or the dashboard without joining your workspace.

Team members not in your workspace can ask to join the workspace while viewing a publicly shared chart or dashboard. Once they have done this, you'll be notified via email to review their request. You can learn more here.

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