Props tracking

Learn more about Props tracking in Omlet.

Omlet helps you track the usage numbers for each prop of a component and what values are being sent to those props.

The Props tracking gives your team insights to make decisions on what to add, remove, or adjust in your design system. Let's say you have some unused props or props with low usage — great candidates to deprecate. You can also catch unusual values used in a prop to uncover unmet use cases.

View prop usages

To list a component's props, click the "Props" tab from the "Component Detail" page. You can click on a prop to drill down its variables and select the "List usages" button. This will show you where and how the variables of that prop are used in your codebase.

To list the usage details for a specific variable, you can directly click on that variable.

[not set]

Refers to the component usages where the specified value is not set. From the Prop details, Omlet will list the component usages where this value is not set.

Dynamic values

Variables and values with non-primitive types are listed as "dynamic". From the Prop details, you can still see where they're used in your codebase.

Unused component props

Under the Popular Charts page, Omlet displays unused component props that can be removed to simplify code and reduce maintenance overhead. Learn more: Popular charts explained

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