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Learn more about the 30-day trial and Omlet's pricing & plans.

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Omlet offers a 30-day free trial of the Advanced plan once you sign up and create your workspace. This allows you to experience all the Omlet features and set up your workspace without limitations.

After the 30-day trial, your workspace will be downgraded to the Free plan. You can subscribe to the Intro or Advanced plans to use Omlet with fewer limitations and more advanced features.

Omlet plans


1 user

2 users

Unlimited users

4 scans every 30 days

Unlimited scans

Unlimited scans

2 custom tags

2 custom tags

Unlimited tags

30-day scan retention

90-day scan retention

Unlimited scan retention

up to 1,000 components

1,000 components included Additional 1000 component buckets for $100/mo.

4,000 components included Additional components available for purchase

Basic props usage

Basic props usage

Advanced props usage Saved dashboard Advanced tagging (beta)

Features explained

Basic vs. Advanced props usage

You can view a list of available components props on the Free and Intro plans. On the Advanced plan, you can view all the values and the usages of each individual prop. Learn more

Saved dashboard

The Saved Dashboard is available on the Advanced plan. It allows you to have a collection of charts customized and saved by you and your team members. Learn more

Advanced tagging (beta)

Advanced tagging helps you tag components automatically based on the component data. To learn more, contact us at

Limitations explained

User access

On the Free plan, only the owner can access the workspace. The Intro plan includes access for 2 users (owner + 1 team member). The Advanced plan allows unlimited team members.

CLI scans

The Intro and Advanced plans offer unlimited CLI scans. The Free plan offers up to 4 scans in a 30-day period—you can upgrade to a paid plan or delete your previous scans to scan your codebase more than 4 times in 30 days.

Custom tags

Omlet provides 2 default tags:

  • Design system: The tag you created to define the design system components.

  • External: Omlet uses this tag for the components from external/3rd-party packages.

These tags are not counted against your tag limit. Along with these tags, you can create up to 2 custom tags on the Free and Intro plans. On the Advanced plan, you can create unlimited tags. Learn more

Scan retention

The period of time you can access the historical data of your CLI scans. The Free plan offers 30-day scan retention, the Intro plan offers 90-day scan retention, and the Advanced plan offers unlimited scan retention.

Component limits

The Free plan allows you to have up to 1,000 components. The Intro plan includes the first 1,000 components, and the Advanced plan includes the first 4,000. Extra components are available for purchase on the Intro and Advanced plans.

If you exceed your component limit, you'll have a grace period to continue using Omlet. Contact us at to increase the limit or reduce the component count by excluding certain components & files.

If you'd like to learn more about Omlet or have questions, feel free to contact us at

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