Omlet Docs


Explaining Omlet terminologies


The Core tag is used to track components that are part of your Design System or components that you are actively trying to promote usage of. The Core tag is applied by you and it can be updated from "Manage Tags" under the settings menu.


Omlet will automatically tag components as Custom if they are not tagged as Core and do not have any child dependencies. As you can see in the below image of a dependency tree for the OnboardingContent component, it does not have any child components so it is tagged as Custom.
The Custom tag is used to compare your Design System or Component library adoption in comparison to where other application specific or local components are used. This comparison may not apply to your specific situation so you can always apply you own tags that fit your needs.


Omlet will automatically tag components that are imported and used from external packages such as MUI, Ant, React Router etc. If there are components imported and used from one repository that you manage, but you did not scan it, these components will also appears as External in Omlet.


Each repository is considered a Project in Omlet. This allows you to track usage of components for each Project. The name of the project is read from the package.json file in your repository.
☝️ If you have a monorepos, each package will be considered its own project.