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Adding tags to components

You can apply additional tags to your components to generate in-depth analysis from charts and understand a component's dependency from the dependency tree view. For example, if you have depreciated components, you can tag them and track if their usage decreases over time. To add more tags, head to the "Manage Tags" page from the workspace menu in the top left corner. You can create more tags and apply them to your components on this page.
Here are some use cases for adding custom tags:
  • You have multiple component libraries or a legacy library you want to track.
  • You want to track the usage of components that you want to deprecate.
  • You may want to categorize Icons, Pages, and other types.
  • You categorize components by complexity levels, such as Atoms, Molecules, and Patterns.
  • You want to track components that can be candidates for your reusable component library.