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Scanning more repositories

You can scan multiple repositories into the same workspace, and it will automatically correlate components defined in one repo that are used in another. No duplicate components or double counting of usage!
To scan a new repo, add @omlet/cli as a dependency and run:
npx omlet analyze
If your project has aliases setup, imports from external packages, or your project is a monorepo, you might need to configure CLI. Check CLI configuration for scans for more details.
Each repository is considered a project in Omlet. This allows you to track the usage of components for each Project. The name of the project is read from the package.json file in your repository.
If you have a monorepo, each package will be considered its own project.
You'll see the component usage for a new project appears in the "... Adoption by Project" chart in the Analytics dashboard.
Did you run into any errors or issues?
Check out the Troubleshoot page for common errors and how to resolve them.