Use tags for custom analyses

Learn how to create tags to use in your custom analyses.

Your workspace comes with two default tags:

  • Design System: This is the tag you defined while setting up your dashboard with CLI, such as "Core", "UI Kit", and "Library". This tag helps you analyze the adoption of your design system.

  • External: This is a default tag provided by Omlet. It's used to differentiate components from 3rd-party external libraries.

You can add additional tags to generate in-depth analysis from charts. Here are some use cases that you might want to create tags in Omlet for:

  • Depreciated components to track if their usage decreases

  • A complete legacy library that you're going to deprecate

  • Multiple design system libraries that you want to track individually

  • Categorizing projects or certain directories by teams

Adding tags to components

To create a new tag or update the current tags, head to the "Manage Tags" page from the workspace menu on the top left.

You can create a new tag using the "Add Tag" button under the Tags panel on the left.

To add tags to components, hover over a directory/folder or a specific component, click the "Add tag" button, and select the tag. Adding a tag to a directory/folder will apply that tag to all of its components.

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