init command will take you through a guided process to scan your repo(s) based on your setup. Some of the supported setups include:

  • A single repo that includes both your application and component library

  • A monorepo with multiple packages and your component library

  • Multiple application repos and a separate component library repo

If you need to restart the init setup process, you can delete scans that were created.

-r / --root

Set where Omlet CLI will run the analysis. This option will come in handy if you are running the CLI from a directory that is different from the directory of the project you are trying to scan.

By default, the project root is the current working directory of the terminal. If that directory doesn't contain a package.json file, the CLI will attempt to find the closest package.json up in the directory hierarchy, starting from the current directory to determine the project root.

The CLI will also display an output in the terminal which indicates the root where it is running the scan:

Analyzing the project at <PATH>ā€¦


Specify the log level for the CLI. Possible values you can pass: error, warn, info, debug, trace

-v / --verbose

By default, it is set as false. Adding this option will give you detailed log output in the CLI.

-h / --help

omlet init -h will provide all the available options you can use to run the analyze command with some explanations.

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