Tracking component versions

Learn how to utilize tags to track the usage of component versions and deprecated components.

If you have new components in place as alternatives to some existing components, such as Button and ButtonV2, and you'd like to track the usage of one version over the other, you can:

  • Tag them as "v1" and "v2" from the "Manage tags" page of your workspace

  • Create a custom analysis to compare the usage of these tags

Here are the docs that can guide you to achieve this:

If you have separate projects (packages) for different versions of your design system, you can tag each project individually through the "Manage tags" page to track their usage.

We recommend using a similar approach to track usage for deprecated components. You can tag them as "deprecated" from the "Manage tags" page and create your analysis.

Tracking package versions?

It's currently not possible to track component usage based on different versions of the same package/project, but the good news is that this is on our roadmap. Feel free to share your feedback and let us know the details of your use case.

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