What is Omlet?

Learn more about Omlet—component analytics and insights for React

Omlet helps you measure your production component usage to optimize your codebase and drive design system adoption.

You can understand how components across projects are adopted over time with ready-to-use charts and use data to make informed decisions, such as which components and props to keep, remove, and/or improve—drive development strategies confidently.

Why Omlet?

Easy to set up, no code needed Component tracking can be challenging for development teams. Omlet eliminates manual intervention and custom engineering. Setup takes less than 5 minutes, providing quick access to valuable analytics.

Unlock the value of your design system Omlet helps you demonstrate the value of your design system by providing usage insights to allocate development resources, improve collaboration, and showcase design system ROI.

Continuous improvement and customization Omlet is committed to continuous improvement and customization to meet the evolving needs of development teams. We ensure you have access to insights for optimizing your design system and the flexibility to tailor Omlet to your specific requirements.

How Omlet can help?

Omlet can help you find answers to questions such as:

  • How is my design system used over time vs. the current adoption?

  • Which team and projects are using design system components?

  • Which products are using my older components?

  • Are teams moving through versions successfully?

  • How do we update older components without affecting their dependencies?

  • What are the new components, and which ones are being used?

  • Which component props to add, update, or remove.

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